Advanced cars like BMW nowadays have got several complicated operating systems built inside them, which helps them perform several high-level, complicated functions. One such function is the scanning of the several electronic devices that are put in, for example, the master key that needs authentication before the car can be driven.

One of the high-performance BMW Scan tool is the Online Service System, also called the O.S.S. that is actually operable by means of the desktop or laptop. The BMW system comes with one such feature-a single, unique module for BMW Software, which can perform the dual tasks of diagnosis (that is ISTA-D) and, if required, can reprogram the entire module itself (by means of the ISTA-P). The Online Service System has indeed great capabilities and an umpteen number of important functionalities which may be shortly discussed.

The BMW ISTA-D software module: This is the module that performs a master role in the car’s several diagnostic functions. It is quite a multi tasks Software: for example it can read and erase codes, show us all the PIDS of all the data, perform the so-called “automated tests” on the vehicle and even regulate the electronic functions in both directions. In conjunction to these tasks, the BMW Scan tool makes available the real-time, authentic access to the BMW Service Information Database, also called the S.I. database. This base includes stuff such as the company’s code description (both BMW and SAE specific), various procedures pertaining to repair of the O.S.S., views of the connector , important diagrams of the car’s wiring, Pin Assignments and locations of the various installations of the various systems.

BMW Diagnostic Tool
BMW Diagnostic Tool

The BMW ISTA-P Software Module: This is the previously mentioned re-programming module. By this module, one can re-flash or even reset and program the module codes afresh. This part of the package is beneficial for an entire reboot of the system, a much needed update or even builds a defective module from scratch.

A BMW Software and BMW Diagnostic Tool package comes in a two-in-one combo. One of these contains all the three units of BMW Interface OEM cables and another ICOM-2 Interface gadget. This system is approved by the seller company. Another cheaper version consists of a J-2534 Pass -Through Tool but it runs into snags with coverage issues as well as reprogramming time problems.

BMW i-Scan-llwt: This tool is also known as the ‘Autoland Scientech iScan-llwt Tool’ and, though not included in a typical set of OEM tools, is quite capable of handling the nuances of a BMW automobile servicing. This tool is often customized to be capable of re-programming BMW modules. Apart from this, it also performs other usual tasks like code-reading, controlling two-directional traffic and streaming data. In addition, it performs the task of coding and synchronizing the different components of the car’s internal circuit after an install.

AutoHex II BMW Scan tool:

Autohex ll BMW Scan tool is a brilliant ECU programmer that supports you to program all kinds of old and new ECUs of BMWs. It supports the ECU models DME, DDE, FEM, DSC, Airbag, CAS, KOMBI, and Radio among others. It is a boon for BMW car owners who do not have the knowledge about advanced programming, yet wish to enjoy a better programmed experience with the BMW.

AutoHex ll BMW Scan Tool enables us to match the VIN with the automobile and the ECU flash with a more powerful one to adjust itself with the car. It can also be programmed individually via the BMW ECU Programming option.

AutoHex ll Hardware is related to other BMW dealer programs as for example the ISTA/D Rheingold and INPA. In this way, the OBD connector does not have to be changed each time and all the programs can run safely on your PC.

The two different channels of CAN BUS in AutoHex act like a gateway the simulation of which helps to join both DME and CAS fast and connect them to AutoHex ll WVCI. This enables us to undertake several important functions like ISN matching, programming of keys, ECU programming etc at ease. When it comes to key programming issues in the BMW E and F series, the performance of AutoHex is unmatchable! This further leads us to better reading, writing, blocking, saving or deleting keys from the CAS.